Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Water Project

Below you will find photos from a TCRS water project in a village that is about 5 km/3.2 miles from Kanembwa Camp. Projects like this are intended to benefit the refugee host communities, which oftentimes have very underdeveloped infastructure.

TCRS is building one large collection tank to hold water. This is a view from the top of the tank.

In this photo you can see two of the men who are building the tank (right) and some of the villagers who will benefit from this project. The kids are collecting water from the pipe that will eventually feed water to the tank.

Another shot of the kids.

This is one of three collection chambers for water that will fill the tank. This chamber collects water from a spring. Water is then piped to the tank. It goes from the tank to tabs which are spread around the village. All water in this system is moved by gravity.
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