Monday, September 10, 2007

Agriculture projects

TCRS has programs to improve the agricultural skills and knowledge of refugees. These programs are currently being scaled down and phased out due to orders by the TZ Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) that UNHCR and other NGO's are supposed to follow. Though the programs are being phased out, they are still functioning at this time.

The picture above is a shot of a Burundian man with one of his two holstein cows. The other adults are part of the agricultural staff that runs these programs.
I thought this boy was a cutie!
Kids who gathered around the muzungu with a camera ;-)
Another shot of the cows. The tag ID is for TCRS record keeping. All animals have been "loaned" to individuals by TCRS. To pay back the loan, refugees must give the first offspring of the animal to another refugee. Essentially they pack back the loan by "paying it forward."
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