Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dr. Livingston…

About 4 miles outside of Kigoma Town sits Ujiji. This little village is known as the place where Stanley met Dr. Livingston under the mango tree. Since we were so close to this famous site, we took a morning to travel to Ujiji to see it. At the Livingston compound there is a concrete block monument that marks where the original mango tree stood, two mango trees descended from the original, and a small museum.

Children who live near the museum—they are used to posing for photos ;-)

One of the two mangos descended from the original tree and Sarah, my friend from the IRC.

Michael, another PiAf fellow, and I pose in front of the monument.
Michael, the museum guide, and I pose for a picture with paper mache replicas of Stanley and Livingston.
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