Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Six-hour pizza

I host TCRS guests at my house. The lovely lady in the picture is Heather, a Canadian PhD student, who visited me with translator Bacilious in December. Heather was my first pizza buddy.

Heather chopping veggies for the pizza toppings.

A view of the kitchen. We didn't have any water that day and had to haul it in buckets. The red bucket in the left-hand corner is one of two buckets we used to haul water. The pot on the stove is what we used to boil water. And we used the plastic bins in the sink to save our dishwater so we could reuse it to flush the toilets. As you can tell, the kitchen was a bit of a disaster, but everything turned out okay.

Two of our four pizzas. We baked the pies on pot lids ;-)
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