Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Views from Cape Town--Part I

From February 21st-26th I was in Cape Town, South Africa on the Princeton in Africa retreat. (As you may remember, I am a Princeton in Africa fellow working for TCRS.)

Cape Town is beautiful and the perfect city for an outdoors person. Table Mountain sits at the edge of the city, close to the coast, and several of us hiked to the top of the mountain on my first day there, which gave us all a beautiful view of city.

Below are a few pictures from Table Mountain--enjoy!

Cape Town from Table Mountain. The smaller hill in the left corner is Lion's Head (I think ;-)
Looking out at a rock formation called the 12 Apostles. There is a great winding road along that shoreline. Several miles away and slightly to the left is the Cape of Good Hope.

Another view of the shore--I think that section of the city is called the water front.

A view of Table Mountain from "The Backpack"--the hostel where we stayed for the retreat. Many afternoons a cloud rolls over the top of the mountain. The cloud is called the table cloth--clever.


Anonymous said...

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jenny.g said...

Wow, it's a bit higher than the Kibondo hill :) Hope your trips went well. I am in the US and will be settled (finally) at home tomorrow evening. Must catch you up on the rest of my trip soon! Thanks again for everything..