Monday, March 3, 2008

Yes, the world really is getting smaller...

About three weeks ago, I left Kibondo to travel to Dar es Salaam and the on to Cape Town, South Africa. To make this trip, I rode 6 hours to Mwanza airport where I these lovely people pictured below.

Meet Bob Wagner (middle), a missionary from Ohio sponsored in part by Chilhowie Baptist Church. He and his wife Paige have been in Tanzania for years and now live in Arusha. To learn more about their work and family, visit

Also in the picture is Dr. Bob Sanders (far right) and his wife Glenda (far left) who live in Kingsport Tennessee and do ministry work up and down the I-81 corridor. Small world! To learn more about their work, check out

The Saunders were visiting Tanzania to help Mr. Wagner teach a course at a Bible college in Mwanza, and our paths crossed at the airport. Needless to say it was nice to talk to them and to learn about their work.

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