Saturday, October 6, 2007

A birthday party for Willy and Anna!

The bowl has the first cake I made which fell apart. Don't worry, we still enjoyed the partially masticated treat ;-) The green circle is the second cake. Willy's favorite color is green, which is why we decided to go with green food coloring. Dispite appearances, it tasted good ;-)
Party goers from left to right: Richard and Pryia Crothers (my Christian buddies at IRC), Ketchu Nkya (oldest Nkya daughter at 25), Evabright Nkya (youngest Nkya daughter at 5), Anna Nkya (d-day girl who turned 19 last month), Willy Nkya (birthday boy who turned 13), Sadam (next door neighbor and classmate of Willy's, 15), Sarah (midwesterner who now works for IRC), Sarari (Sadam's brother, 14)

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