Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Beautiful faces: Part I

At the moment, I'm in Dar es Salaam and have a wonderful internet connection! I decided to take advantage of it by putting up more pictures. Since I'm not getting a lot of new photos at the moment I will post old shots, so these are not in any sort of chronological order.

The title of the post says it all: these are beautiful faces! Some of the shots are re-posts, and I hope you enjoy them as much now as you did the first time.

This child is the grandson of one of my co-workers.

This is Ketchu, the oldest child in the Nkya family. After Mrs. Nkya died, she began to act as the mother of the house. She's getting married in December!

Another picture of Eva, my 5 year old neighbor. Isn't she adorable! She knows how to pose for the camera ;-)

This is a shot of Sarari (far left), Eva, Sadam (base of the pyramid), and Willy (top). Pretty creative huh? Thankfully no one fell ;-)

This is one of the guards who watches the compound where we live. Sadly, I don't remember his name.

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