Saturday, November 3, 2007

IRC Youth center at Nduta Camp

These are pics from the youth center the IRC runs in Nduta camp. At the center, kids can play games, listen to music, and recieve training of HIV/AIDS as well as microenterprises. They do a great job of providing a space for girls, who are often pushed to the margins.

Children of youth who attend the center. A woman who attended basket weaving at the center displaying finished products

Same woman from a different angle

Woman participating in hair braiding lessons. Essentially they are training to be hairdressers.

Women attending cooking classes at the center. They are learning to make bread.

Same women.

Women observing the cooking classes.

Women observing the cooking classes.

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Anonymous said...

It's such inspired me when i looked this website.
because in 2007 i was in Kanembwa camp as refugee and i was one of the refugees who were moving to Nduta camp.
Jean Paul from Australia