Thursday, November 29, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

My first Thanksgiving outside of the U.S. was a great one thanks to the IRC staff. We chose to celebrate the holiday on Friday instead of Thursday so they could have a nice 3-day weekend.

As you'll see in the photos below, they made quite a feast! The good food and company made for a wonderful, relaxed 2-hour dinner.

Sara made biscuts!!! These were wheat biscuts--my favorites ;-)

Since we weren't able to get a turkey, we had chicken instead. Priya is ready to kiss the long neck of the bird!

This is the group we celebrated with from left to Right: Stephen (a retired doctor from Vermont), Gisa and Vatchagan (an Armenian couple), Sara (6-month employee from the mid-west), Priya (grew up in India with her medical missionary parents), Lara (from the east coast), and Rich (bball player from the midwest and Priya's husband).

Our meal: chicken, stuffing, biscuts, sweet potatoes, and cornbread...greens and carrots were on the table...we had pudding and mangoes to finish the meal...notice that there is NO RICE in the mix ;-) Though I do like rice, it was nice to have a meal without it ;-)
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