Monday, November 19, 2007

Camp Consolidation

These are picture from Kanembwa Camp, the camp which is being closed. Roughly 10,000 are being moved to Nduta Camp or to Burundi. These are photos of the people moving to Nduta camp.
Families must destroy their homes before they depart becuase the land is being handed back to the TZ government and they want to regenerate the forests here. In order to make space for trees, the houses must be taken down. Refugees are burning and tearning down their houses. Pictured above is a group of houses and you can see that the roof of one is on fire.

These children are waiting with their parents and belongings for the moving trucks to come. The trucks will take them to Nduta where they will live in temporary shelters till they erect and move into new, temporary mud shelters.

Loading belongins onto trucks...

A partiall destroyed house.
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