Monday, October 29, 2007

A few scenes from Dar es Salaam

My stomach has been bothering me for about a month, so on Friday I traveled to Dar es Salaam to see a doctor in the city. I hate that I had to make the trip for this reason, but I am enjoying it!

This is a shot from Slipway, a tourist spot in the northern part of the city. Allan Nicodemus is on the left (works for TCRS and studied agriculture at a university in Canada). He and his sons took a me and a friend to Slipway, had some ice-cream, and then let us explore more on our own.
This is Martina, an Italian interning at a Dar es Salaam publishing house till Christmas. We had a great time looking around the city on Sunday. It was such a treat to have someone to share the experience with instead of touring around on my own. We had a nice lunch and then ice-cream afterwards.

This is a shot of houses on the shore of the Indian Ocean. Though you can't tell it from this pic, the water is very clear and blue.

The Indian Ocean!

This is the old state house where President Nyerere took the oath of office. Nyrele is the Tanzanian equvilent of George Washington. The major difference is that he helped his country gain independence in 1964 rather than 1776.

The Lutheran church in down-town Dar es Salaam. Notice the power lines! It's been about 2.5 months since I've seen them or driven on paved roads. It's amazing how "little" things we take for granted in the States really aren't that little ;-)

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