Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Kibondo Hospital

Over the past two weeks, I've had some stomach problems. So, on Thursday and Friday I went to Kibondo Hospital to have some tests run. Below are pictures of the hospital. Unfortunately they are out of order, so start at the bottom and move to the top. Also, thankfully I am feeling better! Apparently I have some sort of worms and we're now treating for that infection! God is good!

Willy Nkya (my friend and loyal translator) looking out the window of the lab. I'm still not sure what the little round buildings are.
The entrance to the lab, which was built by the IRC.
A shot of the walkway from the lab (behind--not visible) to the pharmacy (left), main office (right), and wards (further left--not visible). The hospital is a collection of various buildings connected by walkways like this.
The front of Kibondo Hopsital. This government hospital will see a patient for 300Tsh (roughly 25 cents). If the doctor perscribes medication, then you must pay for that. Otherwise, the 300Tsh will pay for consultation and labwork.
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CP said...

Woohoo KDH. I think the little round areas are sitting/waiting areas.

If it makes you feel better, I just got diagnosed with parasites last week and am now taking metronidazole for it... Good to get it treated while you're there. Much more normal and cheaper!

Love, Carolyn