Saturday, August 18, 2007

Dar es Salaam

This picture was taken from the second story balacony of the house where I stayed in Dar es Salaam. It was an inn of sorts run by the Passionist Community (a Catholic community). Maria, the woman who lives there and cooks for the guests, and the other guests were wonderful. Casey, there was a couple there from New Zeland!! I thought of you :-) Some of the guests were contemplating becoming such young man stole minutes from my cell phone! HAHA!!! Just goes to show that we're all succeptable to sin...we're all human ;-)
A picture from the Goat Races. On Saturday (August 11th), Odillo's family took me to a charity event that was a carnaval of sorts. The main fundraiser was a series of goat races that spectators would bet on. It was a lot of fun!

These pictures are of Odillo and his family. Odillo works for the logistics department at TCRS headquarters in Dar. He took excellent care of me while I was in the city. The picture directly above is is of Odillo's youngest son. The upper-right picture is of Odillo's family. To the left is a picture of me in front of the Indian Ocean. Odillo's wife said they would take me to visit some of the beaches next time I'm in Dar. Apparently the sand is very white (when it's dry), and the water exceptionally clear. There are fish, sea creatures, and coral reefs to see on snorkling and scuba-diving adventures.

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