Thursday, August 30, 2007

food distribution at Nduta

These are card checking stations. Refugees must present their ration cards to have them punched before each distribution.
This is a shot of the food distribution chutes. Refugees are divided into food groups of 50-100 people. Each group elects a leader and the leader recieves the food on behalf of the group at a designated chute at a designated time. There are about 15 chutes in all.

This is a group of people waiting for their leader to retrieve their rations. Once the leader brings the rations, the people will divide the food amongst themselves.

A shot of some of the people assembled for distribution. The crowd was huge and looked like this the whole time I was there. Distribution lasts from 9:00am till sunset. More than 36,000 people recieved food.

A group preparing to divide their food. Each group recieves corn meal flour, corn-soy blend, salts, and vegtable oil. Though the rations are supposed to last for 2 weeks, my coworkers said that they do not. More food is needed. We've asked the WFP for more food, but sadly they can't give us any more.
After the food is divided, the refugees must take the load back to their homes. Some live more than a mile from the distribution center.

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