Thursday, August 23, 2007

Eve of repatriation (Wed, Aug 15)

Refugees spend the night in these facilities the night before they travel to Burundi. On the right, you can see the edge of one of the shelters where they are fed. In the background are the structures in which they sleep.
These kids are very excited to have their picture taken (above)! Families are registering and having their belongings weighed before these items are packed on trucks (below, left). Each person is allowed to bring 50Kg (about 110 lbs) of items. The World Food Program provides 6 months of food rations intended to sustain the refugees once they return to Burundi (below, right). 2 months of food is distributed in Tanzania on the morning of repatriation. The rest is given to them at a station in Burundi.

A mother and her child on the eve of their return (above). Refugees and TCRS and UNHCR staff pack their belongings (left).

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