Thursday, August 23, 2007

Repatriation to Burundi on Tuesday, Aug 21; Part 1

Refugees waiting to recieve their food rations (left). The WFP (World Food Program) will provide 6 months of food to refugees who return to Burundi. 2 months of that ration are distributed by TCRS in Kibondo. They recieve the rest in Burundi.
Families preparing to board a bus or truck which will take them to Burundi (right). The women are amazing! They carry their loads on their heads and their children on their backs. African women have to be among the strongest in the world!

The benches inside one of the UNHCR trucks that transports refugees (left). Vulnerable people (children, elderly, and the ill) are taken in buses.

Children in the trucks and buses as they prepare to start the 1.5-2 hour ride to Burundi (left and right).

A family aboard one of the trucks (above). They couldn't seem to contain their smiles! This family seems to have done well in the camps. They were among the best dressed and cleanest groups. In the cardboard boxes are chickens they are taking with them--airholes are poked in the sides.

One of the trucks as it crosses the border into Burundi (left).
In Burundi, the UNHCR has a reception center for the repatriants. This center will supply their remaining food rations (a mix of corn mill, corn-soy blend, dry beans, salt, and cooking oil), provide shelter, supplies, and food, and arrange their transport to their towns.

The shelter where the refugees will spend the night in Burundi before heading to their villages the next day (right). Some of the supplies repatriants will recieve (left, below).


Sandy said...

Shelly, what great shots - it looks like you're having a great experience thus, I miss Africa. You're in my prayers!


Anonymous said...

These pics remind me a great memory and experience I had as a refugee who lived in many camps in western Tanzania. Good job!- Lameck