Saturday, August 18, 2007

I'm in Tanzania!!!

I'm in TANZANIA!!! Last Wednesday (August 8th) I flew into Dar es Salaam, and stayed in that city till Sunday (August 12th). While there, I visited TCRS headquarters and went to a goat-racing charity event (pictures below). Then, on Sunday I flew from Dar to Mwanza (town/city on the Southern shore of Lake Victoria) and rode in a TCRS SVU from Mwanza to Kibondo. I've been in the Kibondo office for most of the week, but did have had a chance to visit Kanembwa (one of the refugee camps) on Wednesday afternoon. Pictures from Kanembwa will be in my next post.

Overall, it has been a wonderful experience so far!! God has generously provided for me, and the people have been extremely kind and welcoming.

I hope you enjoy the photos!
And thank you all for your prayers!!!! Please pray that I'll learn Swahili quickly :-) God bless!

To the left is a picture of me just before we left home. I must say, I like the new hair cut! It's much easier to wash in during a cold shower ;-)

This was one of the first pictures I saw in Dar...isn't it wonderful?!

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