Friday, August 24, 2007

Repatriation to Burundi on Tuesday, Aug 21; Part II

Refugees gather to prepare for the trip to Burundi (left). A photo of some of the buses and trucks at around 9:00am (right).

These are pictures of chilren waiting for items and food to be packed so they can board the buses and trucks (left, below).

This family is registering to repatriate (above). They will probably leave next Tuesday. Before they leave they must tear down their home in the camp.

The boy in the plaid, red and white shirt lacks two years of seconday school to graduate (above). It may be several years before he and his friends can finish their education in Burundi.

These men are refugees that TCRS hires to help distribute rations (left). These people are in line, waiting to recieve their rations (right). The repatriates are given a 6-month supply of corn meal, corn-soy blend, dry beans, oil, and salt. 2 monts of that supply is distributed in Tanzania. The rest is given to them in Burundi.

This woman has just received rations (above).

This man is blind (right). He is waiting to recieve his rations. The chilren (left) were with him. They seemed so excited to get their food.

Loading trucks (right and left)

This girl stole my heart! She is peering at me through one of the walls that marks the ration distribution center (above).

This woman is receiving paperwork that will allow her to cross the boarder (above). It verifies how many people are in her family. UNHCR uses papers like this to regulate food ration distributions and monetary distributions. Notice that she has a load on her head, another in her hands, a baby tied to her back, and another child behind her. Now THIS is strength!

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