Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Pictures from Nduta

This is a picture of houses at Nduta. Nudta is the larger of the two camps TCRS currently manages with a total population just under 40,000 individuals. At the beginning of the year TCRS managed 4 camps in the Kibondo district (districts are sort of like counties in U.S. states), but due to government regulations 2 camps closed and refugees from those camps moved to Nduta.
More houses at Nduta.
And more houses at Nduta. This layout is what I expected the camps to look like, in that the refugees have less space and seem more crowded. Notice that the plots for houses are smaller than those at Kanembwa.
Refugees receiving instructions about the process for food distribution which will happen on Wednesday of this week (8/29/07). Food from the World Food Program is distributed bi-weekly.

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